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Kombucha 101

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea loaded with probiotics that has been used as a holistic form of medicine for over a thousand years.

We’re here to teach you all about kombucha and hopefully help you realize it could be the missing piece in keeping your gut healthy! Even though kombucha has been around for centuries upon centuries, many people don’t know about it, or are grossed out by it once they see the words “fermented bacteria” on the label. Once you know about all the great things it can do for your body, you’ll be so eager to try! Plus, we have mastered the flavor to the point that while drinking our kombucha you won’t even remember why you were skeptical in the first place!

How it’s made.

Kombucha is fermented what?! Understanding how kombucha is made helps us understand the benefits of it. It is composed from three completely natural ingredients and additional natural ingredients are combined for flavor. Some of these additions include fruits, herbs, and spices. The three main ingredients are bacteria and yeast called Scobies, brewed black or green tea, and small amounts of sugar. After introducing the Scobies to the tea, the mix is left alone to ferment anywhere from a week to a month. The result is a fizzy drink that can range from sugary to vinegary depending on the amount of time it was left to ferment. The flavors are then added before a second fermentation. After some patient waiting and carefully crafted flavor additions, you get a delicious, refreshing, and uber-healthy probiotic drink! (

Kombucha’s role in History.

Kombucha has origins in Northeast China and was initially recognized for its healing properties. It is actually named after a Korean physician named Dr. Kombu who introduced the tea to Japan as a remedy for the Emperor at the time who struggled with digestive problems. It was not until the 1990s that kombucha gained popularity in the United States. It started with a small group of enthusiasts who shared their Scobies recipes and their successful testimonies to anyone who would listen. Fast forward to today where kombucha is available in several different variants, and thousands of unique recipes.

If you have never tried kombucha, or you have and it is not yet a part of your regular health and wellness routine, the time to try it is now.

In addition to being naturally sourced from our earth, our kombucha is almost always crafted from local, organic ingredients, grown by small and independent farmers. We also made it our mission to reuse whenever possible, so all of our equipment and even our building materials were reused and repurposed. AND we sanitize and reuse our 750ml bottles with over 10,000 bottles already reused! Our philosophy encourages respect for people and the planet, and that shines through in all of our practices. Shop our wellness and kombucha products on our brand new website!

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