Just Peachy is just delightful. Starting with an organic black and organic peach tea blend, the peaches impart a subtle sweetness that is sure to please even a finnicky palate. A hint of organic ginger root and organic black pepper round out the flavor and maximize the health benefits of this delightful gentle kombucha. Peaches have historically been revered in China, the birthplace of kombucha, as a symbol for longevity and immortality, no doubt due to their anti-aging and detoxification properties.

Just Peachy Kombucha - LOCAL P/U ONLY

SKU: 0002
  • Local, traditional kombucha made with premium, organic tea.  Never force carbonated, and never rushed, the gentle, natural, effervescene and well-balanced acidity is decidedly different from corporate kombucha.   

  • At this time, our kombucha is not available for shipment.  Our tiny team produces some of the world's finest kombucha and we'd like to keep it that way.  We are looking forward to expanding our production, as we expand our team.   In the meantime, we'll keep the quality up and the quantity down.  Thank you for supporting small.