Created by a certified holistic health coach & herbalist, our premium grade Hemp CBD products and gut-healthy kombucha are crafted with care and formulated with your health and happiness in mind. 

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CBD Wellness Products

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Small Batch Kombucha

Premium Grade Hemp CBD

Our CBD products are USA-made from 100% organically grown, non-GMO Oregon hemp and 3rd party tested to ensure quality & purity!

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At the heart of who we are

The Kombucha Lifestyle

We believe in the power of slow yet meaningful change. Brewing kombucha is all about taking tea and sugar and transforming it into a powerful health elixir. This doesn't happen overnight, and requires the careful cooperation of multiple living organisms. In many ways, this process teaches us the importance of transforming health and healing our community, one bottle of brew at a time.

Regain control over your health

Premium CBD Products

Here at Federal Brewing, our goal has always been to help people regain control over their health with small (yet mighty!) changes in their daily routine! Whether it's drinking our brew or using our CBD products, we want you to feel both empowered in your wellness journey and supported along the way!

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