Founded by a stroke survivor and flatliner who used her skills as a certified holistic health coach & herbalist, to defy odds and recover.  Our premium grade USA-Grown Hemp CBD products and gut-healthy kombucha are crafted with care and formulated with your health and happiness in mind. 

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CBD Wellness Products

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Small Batch Kombucha

Premium Grade Hemp CBD

Our CBD products are USA-made from 100% organically grown, non-GMO Oregon hemp and 3rd party tested to ensure quality & purity!

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At the heart of who we are

The Kombucha Lifestyle

What is the Kombucha Lifestyle?  A life of gratitude and slow transformation and developing into the best version of yourself, always at your own pace.


Our Founder, a Holistic Health Coach, Herbalist, and Foodie, defied odds when she survived a stroke and a serious of sudden cardiac death events. After she received an emergency pacemaker and returned to the world of the living, she made it her life's purpose to introduce a wider audience to some of her not-so-secret weapons in her Health Coach toolbox. 

Our kombucha brewing method honors the 2,000-year-old tradition of fermenting tea to transform it into a  powerful health elixir. Fed Brew Kombucha is made with only the finest quality, organic ingredients, hand selected for their nutritional value and their palate pleasing flavors.  We never force carbonate or add anything artificial to our brew in an effort to rush the transformation from sweet tea to a naturally probiotic and slightly effervescent elixir. This doesn't happen overnight, and requires the careful cooperation of multiple living organisms. In many ways, this process teaches us the importance of transforming health and healing our community, one relationship at a time.

Regain control over your health

Hemp CBD Products

Our goal at Fed Brew has always been to help people regain control over their health with simple changes in their daily routine. One way to support a healthy lifestyle is through the use of time-tested natural solutions. Humankind has historically used hemp for 12,000 years. When using Hemp CBD products, it is important to have a trusted source for fully-compliant and safe CBD products. Through a strategic partnership with industry experts, we are proud to offer you pure and effective, Fed Brew Hemp CBD products. What sets us apart?
We offer only the highest quality products made using state of the art technology in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities.  All products are third-party lab tested to ensure the quality of our products. Organically Grown, Premium Grade, Non-GMO, Formulated in the USA, Third-party Tested, Gluten Free, Natural, Industrial Hemp Registered, Farm Bill Compliant, Pesticides Free, No Metals, No Harsh Chemicals and THC Free. Quality Hemp CBD you can trust, conveniently delivered directly to you.  

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